Bed bugs are a very real problem here in Denver and throughout communities nestled along the Front Range. What’s more, these blood-sucking critters are active year-round. While their habits change slightly during winter, they don’t go away, and can still live in your home or business. Let’s explore everything you need to know about bed bugs in winter, and how to keep them from invading your home.

Interesting Facts You Ought to Know About Bed Bugs in Winter

Is There a Bed Bug Season in Colorado?

People often ask, “Are bed bugs worse in the summer?” The simple answer is, yes. But an explanation is definitely needed here. Just like most other pests, bed bugs tend to be more active when it’s warmer in the spring, summer, and early fall. One reason why is because people travel a lot during the spring and summer, which can increase the rate at which bed bug infestations are reported. But the truth is, bed bugs are around and active all year. Their activity may slow down, but they don’t go away during winter.

Another point to consider is that people travel frequently around the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving and then through the New Year. So with this in mind, you can see why bed bugs, also known as the “hitchhiking bug,” are still active during winter.

Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?


The last question we explored is often paired with this one. When you compare bed bugs’ winter habits to other animals that hibernate, such as bears, bed bugs definitely do not go to sleep for the winter months and wake up in the spring ready to spring into action. On the other hand, bed bugs will seek the warmth, shelter, and protection they need to stay alive during winter and survive the cold. 

Where do you think these bed bugs go during winter? If you guessed “my home,” you get a gold star! Bed bugs will find their preferred habitat to keep them warm during winter, which is typically your bed, upholstered furniture, and the insides of your walls and ceilings. It is important to note that, like all creatures, bed bugs will try to survive cold temperatures if they can’t find the ideal shelter they need. They can enter a hibernation-like state when temperatures drop significantly, which allows adult bed bugs to survive for a few weeks to a few months without feeding.

Do Bed Bugs Breed in Winter?

Wintertime is a slower breeding season for bed bugs when compared to breeding activity in the spring and summer. Bed bugs prefer to breed in warmer conditions because this increases the success rate of their bed bug hatchlings reaching maturity quicker. 

Are Bed Bugs a Problem in Denver and Colorado?

Yes, unfortunately. Recent reports show that bed bugs are a rising problem in Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, and throughout communities in Northern Colorado and across the Front Range. They are becoming such a problem, in fact, that Governor Jared Polis recently signed a new Act regarding landlord and tenant duties when bed bugs are present in rental dwellings. Follow the link to learn more about the new bed bug legislation in Colorado, and how it may affect you should your home become infested with bed bugs. 

Do Bed Bugs Really Like to Travel?

Bed bugs, as we mentioned, are nicknamed the “hitchhiking bug” because they commonly spread by hitching a ride in your luggage during travel. For instance, if a hotel you are staying at has bed bugs, you are at risk of becoming their “next ride,” so to speak. They sneak into the pockets and compartments of your luggage and hitch a ride to their new digs — your home. Once you begin unpacking, they can easily and stealthily scatter off to a hiding place in your mattress, dressers, upholstered furniture, and other areas where they prefer to hide. Next thing you know, you have a full-blown bed bug problem. If people visit your home and you don’t know you have bed bugs, they can pick them up while they’re there and transport them to their home, and the cycle can continue over and over again.

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