1. Soaring Heights

    “I got a call at 2am from a tenant who was irate that they had bed bugs. I called A2B Solutions in the morning and they were able to meet me that day and they were able to treat the property two days later. Crisis diverted.…Read More

    Owner Soaring Heights LLC
  2. Paris Apartments

    A couple of apartments infested but I was scared it would affect the entire building. I was worried about the cost but A2B Solutions was priced well, quick and thourogh. They saved me from losing tenants and tarnishing my reputation. Worth every penny!…Read More

    Paris Apartments, Denver , Colorado
  3. Jamaica St. Apts.

    We had a huge problem in over half our units in a 12 unit building. We had chased the bed bugs around with chemicals for six months and just made it worse. A2B Solutions came in and treated all the effected units in one day. They were professional, clean, and the problem was gone. It’s been 5 months now and still no more bed bugs. Thanks guys…Read More

    Manager Jamaica St. Apts., Aurora , CO