Bed bugs are a frustrating thing for any family to deal with, and cause a level of humiliation that should never be felt within one’s own home. If your family is suffering from a bed bug problem, then odds are you’ve already researched the so-called solutions available online. From homebrew solutions to magic powders, nothing seems to work – and they won’t. The only proven effective tool for killing bed bugs at all stages of life is chemical-free, environmentally safe heat treatment.

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

Because bed bugs are uninvited guests in our home, they have adapted to enjoy comfortable, humanized living temperatures. They have no means to regulate their body temperature at any stage of life, and can only attempt to hide deep within beds, walls, furniture or whatever they can find to protect themselves from harsh elements. But our professional bed bug exterminators specialize in ensuring that your entire home will be exposed to heat levels high enough to kill each and every bug, larvae, and egg without damaging your possessions or leaving behind any dangerous chemicals.

Residential Bed Bug Heat Treatments

In our years of protecting homes and businesses from the threat of bed bugs, we have fine-tuned our treatments, ensuring we’re offering the safest and most effective solutions for any size bed bug problem. We combine propane, steam, and electric heat, in conjunction with a state-of-the-art monitoring system, and years of experience. We crank the heat up well past the kill temperature to a scorching 130 degrees, ensuring we kill every last bed bug, regardless of their stage of life, and all without harming your home, belongings, and most importantly, you and your loved ones.