1. Bed Bug Warning Signs: Bites

    While it may seem like a sudden onset, a bed bug infestation typically takes a while to build up. Unfortunately, they can be quite tough to track down, and seldom are infestations prevented from growing with a professional treatment. If you’re looking for the signs of a bed bug colony, here are some telltale indicators: An Itchy Rash Bed bug bites don’t innately cause an itchy reaction. Instea…Read More

  2. Health Conscious: Bed Bug Heat Treatment

    Bed bugs were thought to be eliminated from the United States in the 1950s with the widespread use of DDT. Of course, we all know that DDT was banned by the United States (and most countries) after mounting evidence showed it was doing more harm than good. As a consequence, bed bugs returned to the country over time as people travelled abroad, and brought back more than just souvenirs. DDT certain…Read More

  3. Welcome To Our Bed Bug Treatment Blog

    We are excited to launch the new A2B Solutions blog; we will focus on bed bug treatment, bed bug signs & symptoms, prevention, and other best practices worth sharing! A2B is proud to be the Denver, Greeley and Fort Collins Top Rated Local® bed bug removal service thanks to our specialized and proven effective bed bug heat treatment. A bit about us A2B Solutions’ President and founder, Ryan …Read More