1. Why City Residents Have More Bed Bugs

    Some things plague people living in metropolitan areas, like Denver, more than those living in more rural or suburban areas. The close-knit quarters that come with population density may make it easier to borrow a cup of sugar, but can also make for a bed bug bridge - right into your home. Forget What You Know About Bed Bugs Whatever you may think of bed bugs, you can likely scrap that knowledge; …Read More

  2. Debunking Bed Bug Myths

    There are many - too many - myths about bed bugs. These pests are bad enough to deal with, they don’t need any help to be any worse or misunderstood. If you’re trying to cut through the mythology, your Front Range bed bug heat treatment experts are here to help. The Truth About Bed Bugs You may have heard of some of these bed bug myths, or they could come as a total head-scratcher, but either …Read More

  3. Understanding the Enemy: Lying in Wait

    In our previous blog, we began exploring the fantastic and terrifying truths behind how bed bugs reproduce through the lense of understanding the enemy that we’re dealing with. Today, we’ll take a similar look at the feeding habits of the bed bug, as gross and difficult as that may be, to better understand the other main element that makes them so frustrating to families everywhere. Bed Bugs A…Read More

  4. Understanding the Enemy: Bed Bug Reproduction

    Okay, it’s gross, we know; but it’s important enough to understand what we’re dealing with when we talk about the potential dangers for exponential infestation growth and the need for a permanent and all-encompassing solution to your bed bug problem that we write a blog about the enemy’s most dangerous weapon: Reproduction. Bed Bug Reproduction Habits, Facts, & Dangers Dizzying Egg Lay…Read More

  5. Phony & Misleading Online Bed Bug Solutions

    There is a lot of misinformation and predatory products available online that, frankly, take advantage of people in an already desperate situation. At A2B Solutions, we share no love for those that rip off families with bed bugs, so today we’ll be listing off some products and practices you should avoid when attempting a treatment for your bed bug problem. Online Misinformation About Bed Bugs Mi…Read More

  6. Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

    Bed bugs are a big problem for anyone that is unfortunate enough to have them infest their home. Not only are these pests difficult to get rid of unassisted, but they invade your home in a way that creates a stressful psychological burden for your family. Whether you have bed bugs currently and are wondering how you may have come into this infestation or you’re hoping to avoid ever infecting (or…Read More

  7. Bed Bugs & Cold

    We frequently talk about how effective radical temperatures can be when it comes to eliminating bed bugs at all stages of life; for instance, our bed bug heat treatment can kill bugs at all stages of life in as little as a few minutes, but certainly within the few hours for which we maintain the temperature. Often, we get asked if the bugs are as intolerant of colder temperatures, and it turns out…Read More

  8. Psychological Impact of Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs wreak havoc on your life. If your house becomes infested with bed bugs, it is surprisingly easy to fall into despair. It is important to note that not only are you not alone, but a bed bug infestation can be easier to get rid of than you may think. A bed bug infestation can impact your household in the following ways: Uncomfortable in Your Home Likely the worst part of a bed bug infestati…Read More

  9. Bed Bugs? Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture!

    Many people’s first reaction when they find the signs of bed bugs in their home is to throw out their furniture. It seems simple enough; bed bugs live in your bed, so just get a new bed, right? Well, no, unfortunately that won’t work. Not only will replacing your furniture be more expensive than a bed bug treatment, but you will likely reinfest your new furniture. Bed Bugs & Furniture Don…Read More

  10. Bed Bug Warning Signs: Detection

    In our previous blog, we mentioned the early bed bug warning signs from bites, including the telltale rash that some people receive from even a single bed bug bite. If you suspect you have bed bugs, or just want to confirm that you don’t, here are the most common ways that people identify bed bugs in their homes: Casings Bed bugs have small exoskeletons that look somewhat similar to tiny peanut …Read More