Welcome back to our blog! The official start of spring is next week, which will bring with it the warmer weather we so long for after the chilly winter months here in Denver. Springtime is a great time to get rid of the dust and clutter that built up in your home during winter, and it’s also the perfect time to spring clean to prevent bed bug infestations in your home.

In part one of this blog series, we began looking at some useful spring cleaning tips to prevent bed bugs in your home. When inspecting your home for these hitchhiking pests in the post-holiday travel season when bed bugs spread easily, you’ll also want to clean and declutter your home as a preventive measure to avoid a future bed bug infestation. Let’s continue looking at more ways to clean your home this spring to prevent a bed bug infestation in the conclusion. Please continue reading below to learn more.   

Vacuum, Dust, and Clean Surfaces

Vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing surfaces with a stiff-bristled cleaning brush consistently over the next few months will reduce debris buildup in crevices, vents, and other areas where bed bugs can hide and cling to rubbish. What’s more, dirt, dust, and grime provide bed bugs with cushioning to lay their eggs, which can become lodged in the debris. Using the vacuum hose and any attachments that do not have bristles, vacuum along baseboards, on the surfaces of furniture, and along headboards and footboards. Make sure to vacuum in mattress seams, in the creases of upholstered furniture, along the edges of box springs, and, of course, along edges of carpeted areas, including carpeted closets. Make sure to vacuum inside your vents and air ducts, and in any cracks and crevices in your walls, no matter how small or insignificant these openings may seem. Reducing debris buildup will not only make your house much cleaner, but you will also reduce the risk of bed bugs finding hiding places throughout your home.  

Install Door Sweeps

Installing door sweeps is a must for individuals or families living in multifamily housing units in and around Denver. Bed bugs are incredibly common in apartments, condos, and townhomes, and spread from unit to unit with ease by way of flat surfaces, pipes, walls, ceilings, and cracks. One way to safeguard your home from these bloodsuckers is by installing door sweeps on your front door and any other door that allows access to a public or shared space. Door sweeps are an affordable solution for protecting your home from bed bugs and other pests entering your home. You can easily install these functional barriers on other doors in your home for added protection. Door sweeps have thick bristles that attach to the base of your door and are designed to reduce the amount of debris and other unwanted objects and pests from entering and exiting your home.  

Seal Cracks and Other Entryways

Perhaps one of the best ways to protect your home from invading pests like bed bugs it to block all possible entryways. Take time to inspect the surfaces of your home, including the flooring, walls, and other surfaces, noting any cracks, holes, and crevices where bed bugs could pass through. Be sure to check floorboards, light sockets, and other electrical sockets, as well as the edges of doors and inside drawers. Seal openings around exposed pipes and wires in the floors and walls to limit harboring areas where these sneaky pests can hide and breed. Use a strong caulk or other sealants, wire mesh, wood, and other strong barriers to block and seal these openings.   

Whether you live in a single-family home or multifamily housing, sealing cracks and holes on the surfaces of your house can not only protect bed bugs from getting into your home, but it can also protect them from leaving your home if you have an existing infestation. As we mentioned in part one, Denver and the surrounding suburbs are currently experiencing a rise in bed bug infestations from the continuous population boom and year-round tourism. The last thing you will want to do is to contribute to this rising problem by allowing bed bugs to spread from your home.  

Call the Top Rated Local® Bed Bug Experts

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