Welcome back to the A2B Solutions blog! It’s hard to believe that spring is nearly here. While we will most likely have more snow here along the Front Range in the weeks to come, the warmer weather will be here in no time. If you’re like many Denver residents, you probably either had guests come to visit or you traveled to visit your loved ones over the holidays. Travel is, unfortunately, one of the ways that bed bugs spread from an infested house or hotel to another location. Therefore, post-travel spring is the perfect time to inspect your home for bed bugs so that you can take effective measures to either prevent a bed bug infestation, or get rid of an existing infestation.

You may recall from one of our recent blog posts that Denver, including communities in Westminster, Thornton, and Northglenn, has recently been added to the list of cities with an increasing bed bug problem in both residential and commercial spaces. Therefore, it is crucial to take preventative measures to protect your home from bed bugs this year so you don’t become another victim of a bed bug infestation. However, should bed bugs invade your home or business, you can always count on Denver’s Top Rated Local® bed bug heat treatment team at A2B Solutions to safely and effectively eliminate your bed bug problem for good. As you clean your home this spring, below are some useful tips to follow to prevent bed bugs from taking over your home.

Inspect Dark, Hidden Areas

Bed bugs love dark hiding places and will seek out shelter throughout your home to remain invisible when they are not feeding at night. Because they prefer to stay hidden during the day and will find spaces within the walls of your home, your ceilings, and your floorboards to hide. Bed bugs also tuck themselves away in furniture. While they prefer upholstered furnishings like creases in your mattresses, couches, loveseats, and lazy boys, your drawers, closets, and other storage areas are not safe from these cunning pests. Before you start cleaning, go through each room of your home and inspect these areas for signs of bed bugs. Once you have thoroughly inspected your home and given it the all-clear, you can move on to the next spring cleaning task.

If, however, you notice red, dark brown, or black spots, cast shells, or bed bug carcasses, make note of exactly where you found them, and call our bed bug heat treatment team right away for a free bed bug inspection. Hold off on moving any items out of your home until our professionals have inspected your home and belongings for bed bugs. Removing items that may have bed bugs beforehand can contribute to the growing bed bug problem here in Colorado by enabling them to spread elsewhere.    

Reduce Clutter

Along with dark hiding places, bed bugs love clutter. Once you have checked your home and belongings and cleared them of bed bugs, you can begin reducing the clutter in your home. Work your way from room to room and closet to closet, getting rid of any unused, expired, or unwanted items to minimize clutter. Here are some common hiding places for bed bugs to keep in mind as you declutter your home:

  • Toss out or give away old magazines and newspapers that you don’t need.
  • Get rid of excess clothing, shoes, and other items stored in rooms throughout your home, as these provide safe hiding places where bed bugs can thrive.
  • Dispose of old, unused, or unwanted linens, bedding, and drapes, where bed bugs can tuck themselves away into the folds.
  • As you dispose of unwanted items stored in cardboard boxes, get rid of the cardboard boxes, too, as bed bugs can wiggle into the cardboard itself. Replace these storage containers with plastic latching storage containers that can keep bed bugs and other pests out.

Get a Spring Bed Bug Inspection

These are just a few ways to start spring cleaning your Denver home with bed bugs in mind. Tune in for part two where we will continue exploring spring cleaning tips for preventing bed bugs. If you suspect your home is already infested with bed bugs before you begin your spring cleaning, call A2B Solutions. Our crew will thoroughly inspect your home for these nasty critters and, if they find traces of bed bugs, can apply an effective, eco-friendly bed heat treatment to safely remove these pests from your home for good. Contact us today!