Welcome back to the A2B Solutions blog! Bed bug infestations are extremely difficult to combat, and require professional extermination to effectively kill bed bugs for good. With the recent uptick in bed bug infestations in Denver, Fort Collins, and throughout Northern Colorado, the risk of experiencing an infestation has increased significantly, so it’s good to know which bed bug treatment is more effective than the other. There are two basic methods of extermination: bed bug heat treatments or chemical treatments, and here are some reasons why heat treatments are better than chemicals.

Reason #1) Easier Preparation –

Chemical treatments require a lot of prep on the homeowner’s end: all belongings must be bagged and sealed throughout the entire process. For the more severe infestations, all the furniture must be thrown out, which becomes a costly expense when you have to replace all of your furniture. With heat treatments, only the items that may be damaged by heat like oil paintings and candles must be removed. Our technicians apply heat to the furniture, too, so there’s no need to toss them out and replace them!

Reason #2) Takes Less Time –

Chemical treatments require 4-6 treatments at 2-3 hours each, with at least a 2-week break between each treatment—basically, you’re looking at 2-3 months of chemical treatments. Who wants or has the time to deal with that? Rather, an A2B Solutions bed bug heat treatment lasts between 8-12 hours—that’s it. It’s a one and done process.

Reason #3) Greater Kill Rate –

Chemicals only kill adult bed bugs, and only if the bugs come into direct contact with the chemicals. Heat treatments, on the other hand, kill bed bugs in all stages from the egg to adulthood. With A2B Solutions bed bug heat treatment, the heat permeates deep into your walls, killing bed bugs immediately. Placing temperature sensors into your walls ensures that we reach kill point temperatures of 130° inside the walls where bed bugs can’t escape the heat!

Reason #4) There’s No Such Thing As a Heat-Resistant Bed Bug –

Using chemicals may not kill the bed bugs, and here’s why: bed bugs have built up a resistance to pesticides. Each time a bed bug survives chemical treatments and has offspring, they pass that resistance on, until the bugs develop full immunity to chemicals. There is no immunity to heat! A bed bug dies instantly at 122°. Our bed bug heat treatments raise the heat in your home to 145°, ensuring that our treatment is 100% effective.   

Reason #5) Safer for People, Pets, and the Environment –

The chemicals used in pesticides pose health risks to humans and our beloved pets. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), possible side-effects of pesticides include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Disruption of the endocrine system
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Cancer

On the other hand, heat treatments pose no risk to humans or pets, making it the safest and most effective method for eradicating bed bugs for good. What’s more, our heat comes from clean-burning propane or electric heat, so it won’t harm the environment.

Call Your Top Rated Local® Bed Bug Exterminator

A bed bug heat treatment from A2B Solutions is the definitive way to safely and effectively eradicate bed bugs from your home for good without using harmful chemicals. If you or someone you know is experiencing a bed bug infestation in Denver, Fort Collins, or anywhere in Northern Colorado, contact us today. All our bed bug heat treatments are 100 percent guaranteed! Be sure to check out the accompanying video on our site!