Your bed bug exterminator debugs bed bug myths

There are many – too many – myths about bed bugs. These pests are bad enough to deal with, they don’t need any help to be any worse or misunderstood. If you’re trying to cut through the mythology, your Front Range bed bug heat treatment experts are here to help.

The Truth About Bed Bugs

You may have heard of some of these bed bug myths, or they could come as a total head-scratcher, but either way we’ll do our best to shed some light on some of the false facts we’ve heard from our Greeley, Denver, and Fort Collins bed bug heat treatment customers.

Myth: Bed Bugs are Invisible to the Naked Eye

Completely false. While bed bugs can be tough to find, especially if you don’t know where to look, they can be located with the naked eye at all stages of life. In fact, the largest bed bugs get up to about the size of a swollen grain of rice. Couple this with the fact that they often live in a colony, and you can quite easily see bed bugs when you have them in your home and set out to find them.

Myth: Bed Bugs Can be Killed with ________ Product

Unfortunately, there exists no product that can magically kill bed bugs. Unlike mice, rats, roaches and other pests, bed bugs can’t be killed by leaving out a poison, with a trap, or even with an exterminator’s chemical. Although the latter part of the list is disputed by many of our local competitors, the only reliable way to kill bed bugs at every stage of life is with a continuous heat treatment – period.

Myth: Bed Bugs Cause a Rash on Certain People

Ah, this myth is actually partially true. The reality behind the bed bug rash that seems to plague some people but completely skip others is actually related to an allergy in the bed bug’s skin-numbing toxin. Just like mosquitoes, bed bugs use a local anesthetic to numb your skin before they feast upon your tasty, tasty blood (yuck); the famed “bed bug rash” is actually an allergic reaction to their numbing chemical. It is for this reason that some people suffer almost no discernable indication of a bite, others have a small, itchy bump, and others still develop a large and painful rash.

Myth: Bed Bugs Cannot Transmit Diseases

This myth is actually true; no discernable disease have ever been detected or linked to a bed bug bite, even when a single bug feeds on multiple hosts. Bed bugs aren’t actually life-threateningly dangerous to your health, they’re just really, really annoying. They can cause painful rashes and wreak psychological damage on your household every single day, but they cannot actually kill you.

Myth: Bed Bugs Live in Dirty Homes & Hotels

False! Bed bugs really don’t care one bit how clean or dirty your home or hotel room is, they’ll inhabit it just the same. While clutter and excessive furniture can give them more places to hide after eating, they would likely have found an alternative place to do so if the room were cleaner. Just because you paid a lot of money for a hotel room, you are not necessarily any safer from bed bugs – so never put your luggage on a hotel bed, no matter how nice. Likewise, getting bed bugs in your home should not impact the way you see your home’s cleanliness standards.

Myth: Bed Bug Home Remedies Work

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the only way to safely and effectively get rid of your bed bug infestation is with a bed bug heat treatment. That said, we’ve heard some whacky home remedies to replicate our heat treatment, like turning the furnace to full-blast during the summer or storing furniture in a non-climate controlled storage unit or shed on a sweltering day; these methods almost never work. Bed bugs can easily live in the trim, power outlets, within floorboards, inside your mattress and pillows, and just about anywhere else that features a crack or crevice. The only way to treat your bed bugs is with a whole-house heat treatment, nothing else can effectively kill every colony at every stage of life every time.

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