Hello, readers, and welcome back to our blog. This week marks a start to the 2017-2018 school year, as most colleges and universities in Denver, Fort Collins, and Greeley are back in session. As students from all over the world get settled into their Colorado dorm rooms over the next few weeks, it is possible that there will be smaller, pesky roommates settling in, as well. At A 2 B Solutions, we know that population increases in specific locations offer the potential for bed bug infestations. To learn more about how population increases and tourism can lead to bed bug infestations, follow these links to our last two blog posts. In today’s post, we’ll explore the most common signs of bed bugs, and look at the ways you should and should not handle bed bugs in dorms. Please continue reading below to learn more.

Common Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation:

  • Unfortunately, bed bugs aren’t usually detected right away as they’re active at night, making it hard to notice if there’s an infestation.
  • Red, itchy rash or raised, clustered welts that usually form a line on the skin.
  • Cast bed bug shells on floors and furniture from young bed bugs moving into adulthood, which they typically shed four to five times.
  • Bed bugs defecate immediately after feeding leaving brown fecal spots behind.
  • Small reddish-brown blood stains on bedding or upholstered furniture from feeding on your blood at night.
  • Bed bugs also have a distinctive, sweet, almond-like odor, however, this isn’t always as easy to detect unless there’s a major infestation.

What NOT to do if you’ve found bed bugs in your dorm:

  • Don’t just squish the bed bugs or vacuum them up and think the pest issue is solved.
  • Don’t let the problem go unreported for long, as failure to report the issue will only allow it to get worse.
  • Avoid leaving clothing, towels, and other objects strewn about the dorm room.
  • Avoid visiting other dorm rooms, as there’s a risk of spreading bed bugs to other rooms.

Best Approach to Treating a Bed Bug Infestation:

  • Report any signs of bed bugs to the RA, campus housing, facilities management, or campus authorities immediately so that the problem can be treated right away.
  • Collect traces of bed bugs to give to campus authorities.
  • When traveling, check your belongings and bag for bed bugs before packing it. Once you arrive at your lodgings, unpack your bag outdoors, checking for signs of bed bugs, before bringing it indoors. This will help avoid spreading bed bugs.

Call in the Experts!

We hope you have found our tips helpful. Should you find that you have these unwelcome roommates in your dorm, please call our bed bug specialists immediately! Our bed bug mitigation experts at A 2 B Solutions proudly serve the Fort Collins, Greeley, and Denver areas in the defense against those annoying pests, so please call us today if you suspect you have a bed bug infestation.