Ah, bed bugs. Those troublesome little hitchhiking pests who, despite their tiny size, can wreak havoc on your Greeley home. In our last post, we began looking at some of the most common causes of bed bug infestations, which include staying in a hotel or motel with bed bugs, and bringing bed bug-contaminated used furniture and home decor into your home. Today, let’s continue exploring some of these common causes to raise awareness of how these annoying creatures spread.

House Guests

One of the most common ways bed bugs spread is by hitching rides in people’s clothing and luggage, which is one of the main reasons why hotels are commonly infested with bed bugs. Because these hitchhiking bugs love hiding out in tight, dark places, it can be hard to spot them in luggage pockets. If you have someone staying with you who has bed bugs in their home, whether they know it or not, chances are that one has traveled with your guest in their clothing or luggage. Or maybe your houseguest stayed at a motel with bed bugs on their way to visit you and picked up a female bed bug who may now lay eggs in your home. While it’s wonderful to have visitors, they may unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home, so it’s best to ask them politely if they have had bed bugs, or noticed any in the places they stayed before arriving at your home. With the high rates of bed bug infestations in Colorado this summer, it’s best to protect yourself.  

Neighbors with Bed Bugs

For those living in multi-family housing units, bed bugs can spread easily. While you may be taking all the right precautions to protect your home from bed bugs, these critters typically spread to other housing units through shared laundry facilities, pipes, cracks, vents, and even traveling between floorboards. Bed bugs may even crawl as far as 100 feet in one night, meaning that house-to-house neighbors aren’t safe from contracting bed bugs if one has an infestation. Remember, all it takes is one female bed bug to lay her eggs, and suddenly you have a bed bug problem.

Visiting Other People’s Homes

Does your job require you to enter other people’s homes? Contractors, cable technicians, massage therapists, and in-home care nurses may all be at risk for picking up bed bugs from other people’s homes. While you focus on getting your work done in the home, maybe you’ve set your toolbelt on the floor near upholstered furniture that has bed bugs living in it. Once you get home, you set your toolbelt near the front door, and notice something scurry out of it making a beeline towards your couch. It is likely that the bed bug will make your home its new home.  

Call in the Experts

These are some of the main ways bed bugs infest a property, and learning the causes of bed bug infestations can help you avoid a bed bug blight in your home. Should you encounter bed bugs, however, A 2 B Solutions will be there to eliminate them from your Greeley home safely with bed bug heat treatment. If you think you have bed bugs, call us or visit our site to request a free consultation for bed bug heat treatment mitigation. Our goal is to eliminate bed bugs from your home safely and efficiently, using the most effective and Eco-friendly methods available.